About me

I am a physician Assistant, licensed in Maryland who specialized in biomedical treatment for autism, ADHD/ADD, SPD and others. I Graduated from Anne Arundel physician assistant program in 2014 and obtained my master in Medical Sciences from University of Saint Francis, PA. I have practiced conventional medicine in many areas including hospital medicine, cardiology and emergency medicine. I have been trained as a MAPS (Medical Academic for Pediatric special Needs) provider and currently provide medical treatments to children with Autism, ADHD/ADD, SPD, including gut healing, detoxification, methylation support, as well as stem cells therapies. I am also a mother of a son with Autism.

I am also a mother of a child with Autism. My son was diagnosed with autism at age 3, when I was still training as a physician assistant. I have exhausted all conventional approaches to manage autism without success, until I attended the Autism One conference. Since then, I have trained myself day and night on biomedical and integrative approaches to treat autism and others conditions classified as developmental disorders. I am happy to say my son is healing and is thriving every day. I learn that regressive autism is most of the time a result of overwhelming brain inflammation.

Some of the causes of that overwhelming brain inflammation, include chronic gut inflammation, immune dysregulation, chronic infections (bacterial, viral and fungal), toxic overload, mitochondrial dysfunction and so on. These causes are not addressed by conventional medicine, since autism is diagnosed based upon examination of the child’s behavior, without pointing to the underlying cause(s) of the disorder. I now realize that God allowed me to have a child with autism to give me a new career (taking care of children with autism) and the ability to help other parents who also have children with autism. My life goal is to empower parents of children with autism and ADHD with biomedical interventions that have proved many and many times again to help children with autism improve physically, mentally and socially and grow to become productive and happy adults.