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What is really Autism?

Autism is diagnosed solely based on behavioral observations, which are very subjective. It is a spectrum of disorder-some are mild, some are severe. There are no blood or other biological test for identifying autism. Therefore, diagnosis of autism tells us nothing about the potential contributors or causes of disorder. For examples, gut problems such as constipation, acid reflux, overgrowth of candida albicans, diarrhea with cramps can cause aggressive behaviors or self-injurious behaviors.

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Biomedical approach to autism

Biomedical approach to autism stems from the belief that” autism is a medical condition, so recovery is possible”. Most children affected by autism have comorbid medical conditions including chronic gastrointestinal inflammation, immune dysregulation, chronic infections, heavy metal toxicity and chronic brain inflammation and hypoperfusion. The goal of biomedical treatment is to address those medical conditions to optimize brain function.

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Biomedical interventions

Controlling gastrointestinal inflammation and brain inflammation ( gut-brain connection);
Strengthening the immune systems and treating chronic bacterial, viral and fungal infections;
Supporting methylation and mitochondrial function;
Stimulating brain development ( inducing brain plasticity);

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About Me

I am a physician Assistant, licensed in Maryland who specialized in biomedical treatment for autism, ADHD/ADD, SPD and others. I Graduated from Anne Arundel physician assistant program in 2014 and obtained my master in Medical Sciences from University of Saint Francis, PA. I have practiced conventional medicine in many areas including hospital medicine, cardiology and emergency medicine. I have been trained as a MAPS (Medical Academic for Pediatric special Needs) provider and currently provide medical treatments to children with Autism, ADHD/ADD, SPD, including gut healing, detoxification, methylation support, as well as stem cells therapies. I am also a mother of a son with Autism.

I am also a mother of a child with Autism. My son was diagnosed with autism at age 3, when I was still training as a physician assistant. I have exhausted all conventional approaches to manage autism without success, until I attended the Autism One conference. Since then, I have trained myself day and night on biomedical and integrative approaches to treat autism and others conditions classified as developmental disorders. I am happy to say my son is healing and is thriving every day. I learn that regressive autism is most of the time a result of overwhelming brain inflammation.


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Hello Bioasd Mom's

Hello The Biomed Mom’s ..
Sunday sharing: here Aron to bcp decreased his laughs “bizard bizard” and shouting (after the advice of mama Bernadette) .. We also win bcp in regard, When he fed me at the table, he look me right in the eyes and yesterday as my head was turned to his brother, he held me by the chin and straightened me turning towards him before I put a bite, with such a beautiful look (which me missing)

Little by little, we advance💪🏿💪🏿

Parent J
Parent J

Parent of an autistic child

Quelr Progress

Gabi too was at his school party yesterday with axel. It went well except that it does not return clean as axel😃. He was like a pig, but he had a good time. As progress for almost 3 weeks he does not drool more I do not know what it’s due, and things extraordinary all day Friday he is going to the pot alone without him and reminds him every time he has pee told me the nanny.


Parent of an autistic child

Beacoup of change

I started the protocol two weeks ago, the first change was to Needs at Night. As a reminder, Noe is clean day and night since last year.In the night it has 1hours on 30 days we can say, in accident, and other times nothing Before the protocol, he can spend all night without going to pee , and that worried me, by What me I wake up at least 2 times the night for.
So after the protocol, if he has a desire at night, he wakes up, goes to the bathroom and then come back to bed. Another point, before he did not like to hold the pencil or the box, now it is sytematic, he scribbles everywhere , on the sheets, the walls, the books … everything that is on hand

Parent J
Parent J

Autistic parent

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